Since the founding of官网—亚博国际在线娱乐会所e’s Republic of Chi

Since the founding of官网—亚博国际在线娱乐会所e’s Republic of Chi

especially since reform and opening-up, China has made remarkable achievements

and solved many problems, including poverty alleviation, food problems and security iss官网—亚博国际在线娱乐会所

ues that made significant contributions to building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

官网—亚博国际在线娱乐会所品茶微信China’s successful development won world-wide applause as the peace

ful rise of China did not intervene in the internal matters of other countries, as it has the tr

aditions of cherishing peace and harmony and it never seeks to pillage others or establish a sphere of influence.官网—亚博国际在线娱乐会所

On its 70th anniversary, China is blessed with enlivened people, breathtaking development, animat

ed society and elevated international prestige, making it the focus, the wonder and the envy of the world.官网—亚博国际在线娱乐会所

The Chinese people are more confident and more capable of reaching the goal of national renewal than ever before.

官网—亚博国际在线娱乐会所品茶微信What we have observed about the Chinese nation is that the ruling ideology of the CP

C solved the problems of livelihood by realizing common prosperity.

The services of the CPC for society lead the people to tap into their full potential; the collective objective was to gradually real官网—亚博国际在线娱乐会所

ize the common prosperity of the entire population and the national objective was to build a wealthy, p官网—亚博国际在线娱乐会所

owerful, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and modernized social country.

The achievements of China did not happen by accident, they w官网—亚博国际在线娱乐会所品茶微信

ere determined by the combinations of many factors, including the reforms and op

ening up phase started in 1978 which was crucial for national renewal and the socialist modernization of China.官网—亚博国际在线娱乐会所

In the next phase, starting from the 70th anniversary, to realize the great rev

ival of the Chinese nation is to let the Chinese people h官网—亚博国际在线娱乐会所品茶微信ave more and better education, stab

le employment, better health care, more comfortable and affordable living conditions, a more beautiful en

vironment and to have future generations develop better, work better and live better.